Total Number of Schools


Data Available: 1999-00 through 2012-13

NAPCS counts public charter schools in the total number of schools if the school shows enrollment in the official fall member count data file for that academic year or if the state department of education has not indicated that the school closed.

2011-2012 Wyoming

Charter Schools

Metrics # %
Number of Schools 4
% of Charter Schools to All Public Schools 1.1%
Average Number of Years Open
Average Number of Years Open 6.5
Number of Years Open
Open 1-3 Years 1 25.0%
Open 7-9 Years 2 50.0%
Open 10+ Years 1 25.0%
Number of New Charter Schools in Fall of Academic Year 1
Number of Charter Schools That Closed During Academic Year 1
% Growth in Number of Charter Schools 33.3%
Schools by Grade Levels
Elementary Schools 1 25.0%
High Schools 2 50.0%
Elementary/Middle/High Schools 1 25.0%
Start-Up 4 100.0%

Non-Charter Schools

Metrics #
Number of Schools 344
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